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updated 12/24/2012


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The Performance Directory Online is a virtual Manufacturers Midway, giving racers and fans easy access to the companies who support drag racing with their fine products, and giving those manufacturers access to the multitude of potential customers on the internet.

In its current version, the Performance Directory Online provides advertisers from the print version of National DRAGSTER's Performance Directory the opportunity to go online at a very affordable price to tap the power of the Internet. There are plans to expand this feature to other companies in the near future.

For our visitors, the small advertisements contain essential product and company information and, when applicable, a direct link to that company's web site.

For more information, contact the National DRAGSTER advertising department at (626) 963-7695.

Alphabetical Listing
Aerospace Components
ATI Performance Products
B&G Racing Computers
Jerry Bickel Race Cars
BHJ Dynamics Inc.
Bill Miller Engineering
California Gear
California Car Cover Company
Chassis Engineering
Chassis Shop
Childs & Albert
Clay Smith Engineering
Coan Transmissions & Converters
CSI Performance Products
Currie Eenterprises
Custom Speed Parts Inc.
CV Products
Darton Sleeves
DTS Dynamometers
Don Zig Magnetos
ETC Racing Programs
Eide Industries Race Canopies
Flowmaster Mufflers
Fowler Engines Inc.
GP Enterprises
GRP Connecting Rods
Hal Shocks
Hartman Enterprises
Hedworth Racing Carburetors
High Performance Coatings
Jeg's High Performance
Tommy Johnson's Motorsports Warehouse
KB Racing Engines
Kinsler Fuel Injection
Kobelco SuperChargers
Lamb Components
Land and Sea
L.A. Enterprises
Martel Brothers Performance
Memphis Performance
Bill Mitchell
Mondello Performance Products
MR Products
MSD Ignition
Nitrous Express
Oddy/Perfection Race Engines
PerTronix Performance Products
Phoenix Drag Tires
Pit-Pal Products
Port A Tree
Pro Glass
Pro Jack
Prolong Super Lubricants
Racing Systems Analysis
Ray Franks Enterprises
Reactor Products
Reher-Morrison Racing Engines
Smith Brothers Pushrods
Sonny's Racing Engines and Components
Specialty Component Engineering
Stahl Headers
Stange Engineering
SSI Supercharger Systems Inc.
Summit Racing Equipment
Taylor Motorsports Products
Taylor Vertex
TCI Automotive
TCS Performance Convertors
The Converter Shop
Tom's Differentials
Undercover Chassis
Unlimited Performance Products
Venolia Pistons and Rods
VFN Fiberglass
VP Racing Fuels
Wilwood Disc Brakes




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