Valiant 3 Security Systems For The Price Of 1. Valiant 3 Security Systems For The Price Of 1.

VALIANTư THE COMPLETE VEHICLE PROTECTION SYSTEM It's a remote alarm a remote starter and a remote keyless entry. For all fuel-injected vehicles only. Get three great systems for the price of one! It's a remote alarm: 3 channels (2 transmitters included); switch sensing; 6-tone 120db siren; remote panic; includes dual-stage shock sensor; programmable coding; selectable audible status indicator; valet switch; anti-scan code protection; power trunk release; starter kill; status LED; defective zone bypass; parking lights flasher. It's a remote starter: start vehicle activate heater/defroster/AC with the remote transmitter; parking lights flash and siren chirps to confirm operation; runs engine for approximately 12 minutes then automatically shuts off; anti-theft features disable vehicle until ignition key is inserted and turned to start brake pedal is depressed and gears shifted to drive. It's a remote keyless entry: ends worries about locking the keys in your vehicle; eliminates fumbling for keys on a dark street; no more getting drenched in a downpour while digging in your pocket or purse for keys; simply press button on transmitter to lock or unlock existing power door locks from up to 200 ft. away. Note: General Motors vehicles with VATS passkey system require adapter kit (available separately).