"Talking" 2002 Alarm "Talking" 2002 Alarm

"TALKING" 2002 ALARM 7-message "talking" alarm Easy one-wire hookup Includes two 4-button transmitters with separate buttons for specific features to simplify operation Dual-stage shock sensor delivers a warning sound when a light tap is detected and triggers the alarm if warning is unheeded (sensor is adjustable by remote). Current sensor detects when dome courtesy hood or trunk light goes on. Uses existing door hood or trunk switches and triggers alarm during forced entry. Instant panic protection located on remote. Remote car finder. Easy one-wire hookup. Passive armingısystem can be wired to arm/disarm automatically when ignition is turned on and off. Built-in battery backup. Windows decals for visual deterrent. Need information? Call Bulldog® Security at 1-800-878-8007. Sorry orders cannot be placed at this number. Technical assistance is also available at www.bulldogsecurity.com.