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USAOPOLY was founded in 1994 to create, manufacture and market specialty editions of the renowned Monopoly game. Hasbro, Inc. granted this license based on USAOPOLY's industry reputation for producing quality games. This agreement provided, for the first time, customization of the Monopoly game. USAopoly

The Classic Game
The Monopoly Game enjoys international acclaim and popularity as the most recognized and best selling copyrighted game in history. In the United States, the Monopoly brand is synonymous with American family tradition. Since its introduction by Parker Brothers in 1935, more than 160 million units have been sold and an estimated 480 million players have passed "GO".

New Places to GO
Now, players pass "GO" in a whole new way with USAOPOLY's specialty editions of the classic game. Risk taking, deal making and owning it all reaches new levels of excitement and fun as players buy and sell familiar landmarks of cities, states, and colleges. Plus, there is the whole new thrill of Monopoly games tailored to special interests such as enthusiasts of Harley-Davidson¨, Corvette¨, NASCAR¨, bass fishing, and Star Trek: The Next Generation¨. Even the smallest members of the family can get in on the customized Monopoly fun with USAOPOLY's specialty editions of the Monopoly Junior Game including Dig'n Dinos and Trek Alaska.

Not By Chance
USAOPOLY has fast become Hasbro's #1 licensee and, we work hard to maintain this position. That's why USAOPOLY products boast quality details, including full-color photography and custom game tokens.

Collect Success
The Authorized Monopoly Edition Seal is the key to our success. It assures the authenticity of our products. The Monopoly brand brings the recognition and acceptance of our games with general consumers and retailers alike. The distinctive Monopoly game logo and design, the familiar four corner squares ("GO", "Go to Jail," "Free Parking," and "Just Visiting Jail") and, of course, MR. MONOPOLY set us apart from imitators. 


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