New Voice Activated Smart Car

There is NO remote control needed with these micro wonders. You simply say “GO” and it races forward, say “COME BACK” and it races back. Try saying “LETS GO CRAZY” and the Smart Car will do a dance and play digital tunes. It understands 4 different sound commands. Plus it has incredible sound effects so before the car races off the engine revs up then the tires screech. There are a total of 10 sound effects in all. The hood goes up and down, the lights flash and the horn beeps as it races along. This comical little car is great big fun! Batteries are included. New Voice Activated Smart Car TO ORDER Click Here
Voice Activated Smart Car  SJ-MICROVOICE
Our Price: $14.95 or 3 for $36.00

This is the most popular product of the year!
Now only $11.99!!

Now you can hold mini races at home. These come in 4 different frequencies so that up to four can race at once!
One of the Smallest Radio Controlled Cars In The World!
Fast and Furious

They charge in only 45 seconds and last about 5 minutes.
They come in 6 different colors and 4 frequencies: 27MHz, 35MHz, 45MHz and 57MHz. Car goes forward, Backward, Left, and Right. Includes Car, Controller, Charger. 

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A Perfect Gift!

Micro Racers are the smallest radio controlled cars in the world, and when we say small we really do mean it. In fact, if it wasn't for the antenna you could easily fit a couple of Micro Racers into your mouth - not recommended. How the engineers have managed to cram the necessary electronic parts inside each car is beyond us... we're just glad they did!  
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Micro Hummer

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