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Nearly one in four computer users have lost content due to blackouts, power failure, viruses and hackers:  

With blackouts and email viruses in the news--did you get burned by the recent 'Anna Kournikova' email virus?--now's the time to promote our complete line of Zip products and automatic backup software. Here are some conclusions drawn from a new national survey conducted by Bruskin Research: 

* 57% of California computer users, and 45% of computer users nationally, fear losing content due to a blackout or power failure. 
* 41% of computer users do not personally back up their data. 
* More than two-thirds (69%) of home computer users and nearly half (46%) of work computer users personally back up their data only once a month or less often, or they never back up their data.  
Let's face it. Not only are most computer users completely unprepared for sudden attacks by hackers, viruses, blackouts and electrical failure, but they know it and will be motivated to seek simple solutions. That's why a Zip drive and automatic on-the-fly backup software like Iomega QuikSync(tm) 2 may be just what they're looking for. Read the complete media release here:, add Zip links to your site and use this opportunity to cash in!

Back it up with Iomega

It's not just your work, It's your life, back it up with Zip

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